WASD: Movement
Space: Jump
Left Control: Swipe
E: Interact
Mouse: Menu

Please note this game is currently unfinished (development on hold).

heidiii: 3D art

jen10: 3D art 

c-b-g: Programming

usersal: 2D art

scyl: Game design


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Cool game and i have some ideas:  

First: Fix the lag {if its in the full game}

Second: maybe add some endings like secrets treats that you need to find for a secret ending? 

Third: sound effects and maybe an instruction manual if people download it and don't know the controls especially for new player who havent heard of this

fourth: Maybe add a customizer 

Names of endings: Bingus ending: collect secret binguses around the map. Nyan cat ending: you need 2 endings so you can see the portal to nyan cat's world. Normal ending: complete quests and thats it. Chrome ending: go to the browse game.  lastly the rarest one My cat stepped on a bee: need to have 3 endings to unlock this ending and step on a bee {btw this a amber heard refrence cat instead of dog} then amber clip earaape  

thats all its okay if you dont do much of i suggested

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I love how cute this game is! The art style is adorable, and I love the mix between 2D characters in a 3D world. The idea is very fun and silly- I see so much potential! I've always wondered what it would be like if I was a cat causing  mischief wherever I went! I know this game is unfinished, but I'd like to give you some of my feedback:

First, I noticed two glitches/bugs . In the office I swiped the trash can and it clipped through the wall on the left into the little black floor. When I went after it, I got stuck for a moment in that black void but eventually I was able to get back into the room. The second occurred in the garage when I jumped onto the shelf got stuck on the second tier. I was unable to move, jump, or find any other to way out of it unless I refreshed the page.

Secondly, the browser window is so large (at least too big for my screen)! When I try to downsize the page to 90% or lower, the text box in the top left corner crops out. It also crops out when I full screen. 

Lastly, is the text a list of objectives? I tried to complete them but I got nothing marked or crossed out.  Though that might just be fault on me, the player, I definitely knocked down several items.

I hope this was helpful! With some music, sound effects, a story, dialogue.. etc I know this can become something amazing! I can't wait to see this one develop further! :)

Thank you for your detailed feedback and for taking the time to test out our game! Yep we are aware of some of these bugs - sorry about that! 

We were originally planning to complete this game for a game jam but were unable to finish in time. Unfortunately at the moment we're unsure if this will be developed further due to some of our busy schedules (sorry we forgot to update the status!). However in the possibility that we revisit development in the future we will make sure to incorporate your feedback ^^

We really appreciate you trying out our game and for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it's not complete :)